Protect Young Eyes

What It Is:

Protect Young Eyes is a resource to catalogue, review and give insight into digital items your children might interact with. It works to explain and review, in particular, apps and devices in the digital age. It is written primarily by a former youth pastor and associate with Covenant Eyes, but is not explicitly Christian in its assessment of apps and devices. Rather, it’s immensely wise.

With so many new devices and apps hitting the stores (digitally and physically) all the time, it’s hard to know what’s healthy, what’s dangerous and what’s somewhere in the middle. Protect Young Eyes is a great first stop shop for app and and devices, in much the same way that Common Sense Media might be for movies and TV.

Before you let you child use an app or buy a device, be they a preschooler, elementary aged child or teenager, check out Protect Young Eyes for some insight.

Who It’s For: