Join us in Plover on February 23rd.

The live event in Plover is the perfect opportunity to grow as a parent in an environment that is for you. Show up early and take advantage of the many local and state-wide resources available, hear from the speakers in person and enjoy the full Parent's Summit experience. Tickets sell quickly.

What to Expect:

The Parent's Summit is a conference of speakers and ideas, an all day training event interspersed with worship, comedy, breaks, resources and other information. Hosted in the chapel at Woodlands Church, attendees enjoy a comfortable seating area filled with other parents eager to learn and grow.

Starting at 9am, attendees will hear from nationally-renowed speakers who will share for between 25-45 minutes each. There is a break in the morning and afternoon, and a 70 minute break for lunch. Attendees are invited to bring their own lunch or travel to any of the many resturants in the area. 

Each attendee receives an event booklet which focuses on spaces for notes, a nametag and lanyard, and resource handouts.

During the Summit, the Central Wisconsin Parneting Expo is hosted in the church's gym, featuring more than 70 local organizations to help meet family's needs, from counselors to camps to leisure activites to doctors, the CWPE has it all. 


2019 Schedule:

9am-10:30am: Opening, Dave Bondeson and Dr. Simon Sheh

11am-12:15pm: Ruth and Troy Simons, Compassion Intl

1:30pm-3pm: An interview with Trillia Newbell, Justin Earley

3:30pm-4:30pm: Dr. Josh Straub and Conclusion