The most powerful investment that I made as a parent was attending The Parent's Summit. I look forward to next year's Summit!" - Tabitha, 2017 Simulcast Attendee

The Parent's Summit is a one day experience hosted live in Plover, Wisconsin. It is built on the idea that local churches equipping local parents make the community a stronger, better place for families to thrive.

The 2018 Parent's Summit is February 24th, 2018 and features some of the top parenting speakers. Want to bring the Summit to your local church? Download our single page Simulcasting Guide and bring it to your church leadership.


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The Parent's Summit exists to help you walk away equipped for the momentous task God has called you to. Through plenary speaking sessions by parenting experts, we provide practical and applicable equipping.

Parenting is tough, and everyone wonders if they're doing the job they should. You will walk away from the Parent's Summit knowing that God has given you the ability to accomplish His grand design as a parent. You will be encouraged.

We want to put real, practical and tangible resources in your hands. Through our resource areas, giveaways and app we provide what you need to grow as a parent.

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