The Parent's Summit is a one day experience hosted live in Plover, Wisconsin. It is built on the idea that local churches equipping local parents make the community a stronger, better place for families to thrive.

The 2019 Parent's Summit is February 23rd, 2019. Speaking lineup will be announced in August.


Josh Straub

The Key to Reducing the Chaos, Simplifying Your Lives, and Leading Your Kids with Purpose

Ruth Chou Simons

Gospel-Centered Motherhood and Preaching Truth to Your Heart

Justin Earley

Habits For The Glorious Vocation

Dr. Simon Sheh

Pure at Heart: Raising Healthy Kids in a Sexualized World

Dave Bondeson

The Intentionality of Parenting - Why the Hard Conversations Can't Wait

Trillia Newbell

An Interview Regarding Race and the Family

Troy Simons

Parenting as Discipleship, Raising Boys and Encouragement for Fathers

The Parent's Summit exists to help you walk away equipped for the momentous task God has called you to. Through plenary speaking sessions by parenting experts, we provide practical and applicable equipping.

Parenting is tough, and everyone wonders if they're doing the job they should. You will walk away from the Parent's Summit knowing that God has given you the ability to accomplish His grand design as a parent. You will be encouraged.

We want to put real, practical and tangible resources in your hands. Through our resource areas, giveaways and app we provide what you need to grow as a parent.


Parenting is a biblical value. Have you realized that parenting is listed as a value for Adam and Eve, in the 10 Commandments, is central in God's great command to His people in Deuteronomy 6, and is even listed as a qualification for the leaders of the early church? It's everywhere! 

But many churches struggle with equipping their parents to be effective and healthy. The Parent's Summit is an easy first step to help your local parents grow and be encouraged. Instead of building something from the group up, start with this national-level event and build from there! We're excited to work with you to equip, encourage and resource your local parents!

When you initially onboard, you'll be mailed 15 posters for your local site. At any point, you can order additional posters, as well as banners, stands, handouts and additional materials.

We will also have digital copies of bulletin inserts, and make most of our branding elements available if you want to customize promotional materials. This includes colors pallets, fonts, speaker images and logo copies and video resources. Not all of this is immediately available, but will be added to the website (behind your Simulcast login) as we near the date of the event.

The week before the event, we will mail custom booklets, nametags, lanyards, signage and handouts to your site, as well as any resource elements we've decided to make available to all sites.

Yes! While we focus on helping churches build events for their local parents, you can take advantage of the Parent's Summit simulcast as a small group. Community is so important for effective discipleship that we would love you to attend as a group. But if you simply want to simulcast in your home, you can use that option as well.

If your church isn't able to simulcast for 2019, if childcare is an issue or if you simply prefer to do things in your own livingroom, consider simulcasting as a small group. There's more information, and signup, available by clicking right here.

There are a few answers here:

We will provide all attendees of the February 23rd Summit with access to the full keynote addresses after the event, until March 9th. There's a TON of content at the Parent's Summit - it's easy to miss something! We want you to go back and rewatch what you might have missed.

We will NOT be providing a for-sale copy of the full Summit content, nor will we be distributing a full copy of the Summit content to sites or individuals.

Finally, we will regularly distribute clips from the Summit through our app and Facebook channel, and available on our website!

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