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There might be additional churches you want to work with and network with. Ultimately, because of the nature of the Parent’s Summit and the value of ‘local churches equipping local parents,’ it’s good to drive toward each church hosting their own event. The value of building into your parenting community through your local church is

How will you handle lunch? There’s a 70 minute break for lunch in the Parent’s Summit Event, and your church can either choose to include lunch on site and in the cost, or expect parent’s to go offsite for their own lunch. Lunch is a great processing time, and it can be leveraged to encourage

The Parent’s Summit is a full-day event, and parents are notoriously ravenous, hungry and thirsty people. How can you provide snacks, beverages and hospitality to make this a great event? Donuts, snacks during breaks, fresh fruit, water and coffee are all things to consider. Answers to this question will effect your budgeted amount, as well

Your local community is full of resources for local parents. One way to leverage your Parent’s Summit Event is to invite those local resources to host ‘resource tables’ during your event. These can be vendor booths that local resources provide, or even tables set up by church attendees who have a passion for a particular

The biggest question to answer, in an event for parents, is whether or not childcare should be provided. Parent’s Summit sites have taken many different approaches – some include childcare in their ticket cost, others provide it free of charge, and others don’t provide it at all. In wrestling through this, keep these elements in