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Will Lunch Be Onsite or Offsite?

How will you handle lunch? There’s a 70 minute break for lunch in the Parent’s Summit Event, and your church can either choose to include lunch on site and in the cost, or expect parent’s to go offsite for their own lunch.

Lunch is a great processing time, and it can be leveraged to encourage discussion. The first Parent’s Summit, we provided lunch and provided different “affinity” locations for parent’s to go and eat, attempting to spark conversation. Some tables were labeled, “Parent’s of Teens” and other “Parent’s of Toddlers.” This was fairly well received.

Since that first event, we have chosen not to offer an onsite lunch for all attendees. Many couples like to go offsite together, to talk about what they’re learning. Some Simulcast Events have provided lunch onsite, free of charge, and others have chosen not to provide it at all. Talk through the pros and cons and make the decision.