We believe local churches should equip local parents.
9:00 AM - 4:30 PM CT and PT
10:00 AM - 5:30 PM ET and MT

Want to equip your local parents, but don't know how? We make it easy! Through our simulcast process, each partner church hosts a high-quality live-streamed Parent's Summit event on February 23rd, including key print materials and other resources made available at the live site. We even provide a book table for your site!

Our goal in providing the live-stream is to equip local churches to develop a strategy to equip, encourage and resource parents. We want to make the live-stream process as seamless as possible for each local church.


If you're ready to start the simulcast process, it'll start right here! Download the agreement, or sign up.


Simulcasting isn't scary or unattainable. This is really a simple process!


Register to Host

Start by registering through our online portal. This will put you in touch with the simulcast team, and begin the process!

Read and Submit the Online Agreemnt

The next step is signing the online agreement. Once you've signed the agreement, you'll be listed as a simulcast location and given online access to promotional materials.

Build Your Team

Pulling in the right people to make your simulcast happen is both exciting and rewarding. There are people in your church who will be passionately excited to see a parenting conference come in; work with them!


Answer Some Quesitons

Our simulcast guide walks you through majors questions you might need to answer in the planning process. Will you offer childcare? How will you handle lunch? Will you offer a resource area? This, and other questions, are all addressed in detail in our guide.

Market Your Event

We give you tools, direction and help in marketing the Summit to your local church community and your broader community as well. This is critical, but the reward is more than worth it.

Host and Gather Feedback!

On February 23rd, you get to sit back and enjoy the hard work and the success of your well-run parenting event!
Dr. Kevin LemanAuthor of "Have a New Kid by Friday" and "The Birth Order Book"
"The Parent’s Summit is a wonderful opportunity for parents of any stage or age to grow, be encouraged and walk away with real, tangible resource, ideas, and encouragement. What does it look like to equip, encourage and resource parents through the local church? It looks like the Parent’s Summit."


Pricing for this event is based on your church membership size, not the estimated attendance of your event. Please feel free to call in:ciite Events at 1-888-235-7948 or email if you have questions.

SMALL CHURCH (0-200 Members) $399.00, 20 attendee packs

MEDIUM CHURCH (201- 400 Members) $599.00, 30 attendee packs

LARGE CHURCH (401+ Members) $799.00, 40 attendee packs

You registration includes LIVE Event access, promotional posters, event booklets for attendees, nametags, resource access, simulcast guides, premium pre-event support and live event support and 30 day session access for each attendee.

Additional attendee packs are available for $5/pack. Sites should order attendee packs for each attendee.

Need something to take to your church leadership?

This one page document has the important details and outlines about simulcasting for a local church. Download it and take it to your church!

New for 2019!

We've partnered with Speakerbox Events to provide resources tables for simulcast sites of 50 or more attendees. These value-adding tables are simple, easy and cost nothing to the site, and your attendees will appreciate haveing speaker books and Summit recommended resources on site!

Common Questions

It is our heart and mission to resource and equip the local church. We simulcast the Summit so that local churches can equip local parents, and build a parenting strategy. If you are an organization or other entity, we would encourage you to contact us[AS1]  with your idea or question so we can ensure this event is the right fit for you.

Pricing for this event is based on your church membership size, not the estimated attendance of your event. Please feel free to call in:ciite Events at 1-888-235-7948  or email if you have questions.

SMALL CHURCH (0-200 Members) $399.00

MEDIUM CHURCH (201- 400 Members) $599.00

LARGE CHURCH (401+ Members) $799.00

We DO ALLOW you to sell tickets to your event in an effort to recoup your costs. 

YES. You will need to print your own marketing and promotional materials. We will make editable PDF versions of bulletin inserts, posters, flyers, and power-point slides for you to download and use.


However, all live event materials will be shipped to you. The Parent's Summit will print and mail attendee booklets, nametags, handouts and resource information, based on your registration size. Additional materials can be purchased prior to the event.

We will have digital copies of bulletin inserts, and make most of our branding elements available if you want to customize promotional materials. This includes colors pallets, fonts, speaker images and logo copies and video resources. Not all of this is immediately available, but will be added to the website as we near the date of the event.

The week before the event, we will mail custom booklets, nametags, lanyards, signage and handouts to your site, as well as any resource elements we've decided to make available to all sites.

Yes. We encourage you to host the event live on February 23 with churches across the Nation; however, we know that is not always feasible. You will be allowed to pick a date and time that works for you and your church after registration.

Of course, this will depend on the number of attendees you expect. More information can be found in the Simulcast Planning Guide. But in general, you will need greeters, hospitality coordinators and ushers (or door greeters). For an event featuring 25 attendees, you may only need 2-4 volunteers. For an event featuring more than 100 attendees, you might need 15-20 volunteers.

The most important day-of role is that of Simulcast Site “HOST”, and we encourage one of the local pastors to serve in this capacity. This person would welcome the local congregation and end the day in prayer or instruction.

If you choose to provide lunch, provide childcare or recruit a local resource area, you will need additional volunteers as well.

There are a few answers here:

We will provide all attendees of the February 23rd Summit with access to the full keynote addresses after the event, until March 9th. There's a TON of content at the Parent's Summit - it's easy to miss something! We want you to go back and rewatch what you might have missed.

We will NOT be providing a for-sale copy of the full Summit content, nor will we be distributing a full copy of the Summit content to sites or individuals.

Finally, we will regularly distribute clips from the Summit through our app and Facebook channel, and available on our website!