What does it look like to host a Parent's Summit Simulcast? Let's look at some of the different steps and resources available to make this event a success.


View and Sign Online Agreement

The first step is signing the online agreement, available here. Once you've signed the content, you'll be listed a simulcast location and given online access to promotional materials.

Order Print Materials

All simulcast locations receive certain print materials - posters, event handout tools and a promotional banner - included with the simulcast cost and customized for your specific location. However, you also order additional resources through our web portal. After signing the agreement, you'll be given access to the ordering window.

Plan and Pray

Whether you onboard 6 months before the Summit or in February of 2018, the planning process is critical. We'll provide a planning guide and insight into creating the best event possible. We're already praying for your site, and we'll continue to pray God does miraculous things through your investment in parent!

Submit Final Numbers, Receive Materials

We need final simulcast numbers about 8 days before the event. Through our web portal, you'll submit your expected number of attendees - we will base your final invoice and final shipment on these numbers. We'll print, collate and mail out your content, which should arrive by Wednesday, February 21st.

Host and Gather Feedback!

On February 24th, you get to sit back and enjoy the hard work and the success of your well-run parenting event!

Common Questions

In most cases - no. We simulcast the Summit so that local churches can equip local parents, and so that local churches can use the Summit to build a parenting strategy. We would encourage you to contact us with your idea or question.

This varies depending on how your church wants to approach the simulcast. The Host event will bill you for $25 per attendee, based on your final estimates submitted before the event. This cost provides per-attendee materials - booklets, nametags, handouts and resources - as well as going to offset the high cost of the whole event.

However, your church can choose to charge attendees whatever fits best (please keep in mind the cost for lunch, childcare and other considerations). Building a budget for the Parent's Summit is an important first step, and is covered in our Simulcast Planning Packet. Some churches break even on the Summit, some churches choose to budget for it and spend quite a lot making it easier for their attendees to attend. It's up to you.

No. We print all the materials and ship them directly to you, included in the cost of simulcasting.

When you initially onboard, you'll be mailed 15 posters for your local site, as well as a display banner and stand and 100 business-card sized promotional handouts. At any point, you can order additional banners, posters and handouts.

We will also have digital copies of bulletin inserts, and make most of our branding elements available if you want to customize promotional materials. This includes colors pallets, fonts, speaker images and logo copies and video resources. Not all of this is immediately available, but will be added to the website (behind your Simulcast login) as we near the date of the event.

The week before the event, we will mail custom booklets, nametags, lanyards, signage and handouts to your site, as well as any resource elements we've decided to make available to all sites.

No. The Simulcast is a live event, and while we provide the freedom for churches in different time-zones to choose when they simulcast the event, we encourage everyone to start at 9am CT and require everyone to simulcast on February 24th, 2018. Outside of contract negotiations and concerns, we view the live interaction with the content as important and valuable. Studies have also shown there is a much higher engagement with a live, simulcasted event than with a similar, taped event shown at a later date.

Of course, this will depend on the number of attendees you expect. More information can be found in the Simulcast Planning Guide. But in general, you will need greeters, hospitality coordinators and ushers (or door greeters). For an event featuring 25 attendees, you may only need 2-4 volunteers. For an event featuring more than 100 attendees, you might need 15-20 volunteers.

The most important day-of role is that of Site Host, and we encourage one of the local pastors to serve in this capacity.

If you choose to provide lunch, provide childcare or recruit a local resource area, you will need additional volunteers as well.

There are a few answers here:

We are hoping to provide all attendees with limited, temporary access to the full simulcast feed after the event.  There's a TON of content at the Parent's Summit - it's easy to miss something! We want you to go back and rewatch what you might have missed.

We will NOT be providing a for-sale copy of the full Summit content, nor will we be distributing a full copy of the Summit content to sites or individuals.

We will be producing a 6 week small-group curriculum using content from the Parent's Summit 2018, available for purchase during and after the Summit.

Finally, we will regularly distribute clips from the Summit through our app and Facebook channel, and available on our website!

If you're ready to start the simulcast process, click here to access our online Simulcast Agreement, sign and join the Summit!