The Dignity Pledge

What It Is:

The Dignity Pledge is an online movement to encourage K-12 kids to value the worth and dignity of all other’s with whom they’ll interact. It’s developed and championed by Bob Lenz of Life Promotions.

The Pledge is as simple as committing to follow 10 simple guidelines, such as “To be a person of patience,” or “To be a person of goodness,” and it provides a great foundation for conversations with school-aged children about dignity and self worth. But the Dignity Pledge movement also extends into schools, including teacher training and school assemblies. It can be done at the individual child-level, or at the school-district-wide macro level.

If you’re looking for a way to encourage your children towards goodness and kindness at school, working through the details of the Pledge and then taking it with them would be a great first step. If you’d like to see that value throughout your school district, working towards using the Pledge on a broader scale would be appropriate. There are plenty of resources on the website.

Who It’s For:

Individuals interested in anti-bullying. Parent’s of school aged children; elementary through high school. Educators and school administrators will also find helpful tools.