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Ticketing Services

There are a couple of different ways to do ticketing for the Parent’s Summit.

The main site – Woodlands Church – uses Eventbrite, while passing off the fees to the ticket buyers. We’ve found that fees associated with online ticket buying is a relative fact-of-life, especially for the average age of Parent’s Summit ticket buyers (Gen Xers and Millineals). Eventbrite is easy to use, and has a ton of top-end integrations.

Another option, if you wish to do online ticketing, is to contract with iTickets. They’re a Christian organization with slightly higher fees, but they do a lot of work for you and are incredibly helpful.

Of course, if you have an online payment gateway already for your church, you can utilize that.

Furthermore, it’s easy to simply sell physical tickets or do event registration like you might for any other event your church is putting on. Using a third party system can be helpful if you have a key focus on community members or non-church attendees. But if you’re focusing on using the Parent’s Summit primarily as a church event, internal systems work really well, too. Don’t forget to check out our page on ticket prices!