Ticket Prices

Ticket prices can very from site to site, and all depend on who you want to target, and what you want to do, as a church.

We require a $25 payment per attendee, with a minimum of $500. So, if you know right off the bat that you might only have 15 attendees, that’s no problem. Just consider charging $30 or $32 per attendee, and you’re right at the $500 mark.

If you want to have some money to offset any promotional pushes – consider building that into the ticket price. So, maybe you’re expecting 40 attendees, and you’re going to ticket at $30. That’ll give you $200 extra dollars to spend on marketing and promotion.

Or, maybe you’d like subsidize the cost for your attendees, and as a church you decide you’ll cover any extra costs and kick in $5 per attendee. You ticket at $20, have 40 attendees and spend $200 on marketing. That’s going to cost the church $400. As a church, you might view that as a good value.

You can also consider offering price discounts for early registration or ticket hikes for late registration. Or consider offering a couples discount. Don’t forget to factor any refreshments, tech rental or food into your ticket prices or budget!