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Stage Design/Screens

For simulcast events, the best bet is a clean and clear stage with the screens as close to ‘regular speaking’ height as possible. Keep in mind that your attendees will be looking at these screens for close to 7 hours during the Summit. Preventing the “neck craning” helps aid in comfort.

If you regularly use screens to display lyrics or videos during your service, chances are good those are placed higher on walls to be above the people on the stage.

But for your simulcast event, consider how you can move those screens – or other screens – lower to prevent “neck craning.” A natural height will create a more pleasant viewing experience.

Furthermore, ensuring the the stage allows attendees to focus on the screen is important. If you have drums, a piano, a podium or baptismal or more, considering moving, removing, covering or blocking the view of these items. Anything that might pull attention away from the simulcast feed will ultimately be a distraction.

Finally, look at our lighting section for how to use your room lighting to aid in a great simulcast experience.