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Registration Deadline

The deadline for 2018 simulcast numbers is Wednesday, February 7th. This means we need final numbers for your attendees by this date. We use those numbers to print and produce your physical event materials.

You are welcome to have additional attendees register after that event, but you will have needed to estimate their presence – ie

On February 7th, you had 27 people registered. But you knew Amy’s small group was planning on coming, and hadn’t registered. You estimate they have 6 people coming. In addition, you figure there might be 5 more people, and your church has some slight budget flexibility. You estimate you attendance at 38, and send those numbers to us.

We don’t refund overage registrations. If you do have more people that register, beyond what you’ve told us, they can certainly attend. Please let us know any registration overages, and we’ll work out overage payments. We don’t want anyone to miss out on this great content.